Reviews For Books

The Art of Touch

"In a time of pandemic, touch is a risk and a luxury. Touch informs life not only as an intimacy but also as a teacher. Thanks to the editors of this vivid anthology for gathering writers’ accounts that remind us of connections in crisis, help us laugh and grieve, and allow us finally to be touched."
~ Hilda Raz
Author of Letter from a Place I’ve Never Been: New and Collected Poems, 1986–2020
"The Art of Touch is a remarkable collection of essays and poems on the motivations, transformations, catastrophes, and beauty that lie in human touch. The authors, who are poets, novelists, psychotherapists, and scientists, provide a full range of contemplations on their personal experience of touch, ranging from the terror of physical touch to the most recent advances in the study of touch by a neuroscientist. The pandemic has forced upon us the issue of the dangers of being touched by anyone and of touching something anyone else might have touched. We all know the dehumanizing effects of this situation just as we know the joy and beauty of touch with those we love. The reader will find that he or she is deeply touched by this book."
~ Thomas H. Ogden
Psychoanalyst, Author of This Will Do

Cornered: Dr. Richard J. Sharpe As I Knew Him

“I bought this book because I like a good “true crime” now and then, but that’s not what I got. Or, I did get the true crime I was hankering after, but I got a heck of a lot more as a bonus. I remember the story of Richard Sharpe. The media had a hay day with the fact that Sharpe was a known cross-dresser. They seemed to want to connect the murder he committed to his inclination to dress. I remember thinking that was just plain wrong. DeFruscio, who is the electrologist of preference for many crossdressing and transgendered people, really brings that home too. Which is not to say that she advocates that we should all like Sharpe. That’s not her purpose at all. In fact, it’s clear that she didn’t always like him herself. There were lots of times she didn’t take his calls for weeks on end and didn’t visit him for months on end—because he was downright exhausting. He was truly a genius whose mind never turned off, but he was also truly mentally ill. I’m not sure whether his mental illness was a result of childhood abuse or genetics or something else, but getting into his head, via the author, was incredibly interesting—and often very scary. Luckily the reader gets into DeFruscio’s head too, and that is not a bad place to spend time. She is quirky sometimes in her thinking but she is also generous, funny, vulnerable, unassuming and highly observant. To read Cornered is to understand how she came to offer Sharpe her support when others turned their back on him. This is a fascinating book and I highly recommend it.”
~ Michael Dooley
Great book!!!!!!!! February 1, 2015
“Linda DeFruscio is one of the most compassionate, motivated, and successful professionals I have ever met. In her memoir, “Cornered,” she teaches us so many valuable lessons; the importance of loving one another, never looking back, and believing in oneself, to name a few. Her tremendous quality of character stems from her childhood and was undoubtedly a factor in her monumental decision as to whether or not she would remain friends with Dr. Richard Sharpe. “Cornered” is an exceptionally written work. If you are looking to read a book that will put you at the edge of your seat, look no more!”
~ Andrew J. Safioleas, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
An incredible read! May 5, 2015 Inpatient Pharmacist and FRSO Violinist
“One of the best non-fictions books I’ve ever read! Dr. Sharpe was the Bruce Jenner of his day in New England. For anyone who has questions about how cross-dressers live, work and have families this is the book for you. Not only that, it gives an incredible perspective how the prison system really works. Dr. Sharpe did so much to improve the medical community and his story is anything but typical. The author’s insight and the struggles to find the truth is truly inspirational. If more people knew this story, our world would be less discriminatory. Well-written. Must-read!”
~ Carla Manganaro
Best Story behind Bruce Jenner’s this year! May 1, 2015
“Cornered” by Linda DeFruscio is a labor of love and an excellent read. Linda generously brings us into her life and allows us to get to know an obviously tortured man without judgment. This documentation, in her words, is a real gift to Richards children–not to mention the reader! The author thoughtfully chronicles her life and her relationship with Dr. Richard Sharpe in such and intelligent yet entertaining manner. I could not put the book down. A very compelling story, one that I would pick up again and again.”
~ Jodi Raphael
“Cornered” by Linda DeFruscio is a labor of love and an excellent read January 18, 2015
“The mistakes and dysfunctions of the adults surrounding Linda DeFruscio in her youth paved the way for the inordinate compassion she displays as an adult. While her story uncovers much about the nature of mental illness, it also reveals the power of tolerance, mercy and love.”
~ Joan Heartwell
Author of the memoir Hamster Island
“ . . .Cornered is an impossible-to-put-down psycho-thriller and one of the best books I have read.”
~ Joseph A. Russo, M.D.
Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center

Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence

“This beautiful book is full of life lessons for children of all ages. The author’s bigheartedness and sincerity are evident on every page. Sometimes we can’t have what we want, her story tells us, but we can always endeavor to do what is right for others, both people and animals. Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence should be part of every grade school curriculum.”
~ Joan
Author of The Last Wife of Attila the Hun and other novels
“This book was fun to read. The book showed just how much people really love and care about their cats. I now know what makes people allergic to cats.”
~ Chelsey
Age Eight
“This book reaches out to all those pet lovers with allergies, including myself. It is amazing the sacrifices we go through because of the unconditional love we have for our pets. This is a heartwarming story with a feel-good ending that all animals lovers will enjoy.”
~ J. Lori
Author of Jax’s Big Adventure and elementary teacher

Love Tails From the Wall

"Love Tails From the Wall" is a refreshing and heartwarming story that promotes kindness and appreciation for others in our lives. Linda and Greg remind us of the special power that dogs have in helping to establish bonds with others, as well as their natural ability to create a sense of welcome and relief. Core elements of happiness and excitement are wonderfully illustrated by artist Wendy Marelli. "Love Tails From the Wall" is a fun and inspiring read for everyone!
~ Andrew J. Safioleas, Pharm.D., M.B.A.
Author, Composer, Educator, Musician, and Pharmacist

In this lively, spirited book, dogs and their owners celebrate life—and one another—at a particular low wall in their neighborhood. The owners of the house behind the wall don’t have dogs themselves, but their goodwill is the catalyst for all that follows, and the dogs appreciate it as much as the people do. This heartwarming story tugs at the hearts of all who will enjoy reading it.

Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change

Loving and Caring
"Linda DeFruscio is a true gift to this world; a successful and talented skin-care professional, exceptional researcher and writer, motivational speaker, outstanding conversationalist, and an overall compassionate and considerate woman. In her inspirational work, "Transgender Profiles - Time for a Change," we discover the stories of twenty amazing individuals; their courageous acts of transition and unforgettable words of advice. Throughout the text, Linda provides us with incredibly valuable medical information, stemming from her impressive breadth of professional experience and personal encounters. Not only does this work open one's eyes and mind to the transgender community; it goes beyond that to remind us of the importance of loving and caring for one another. Thanks to people like Linda DeFruscio, our world is becoming a more accepting and safer place."
~ Andrew J. Safioleas, Pharm.D., M.B.A., P.R.S., R.Ph.
Inpatient Pharmacist and Music Instructor
Tolerance and Acceptance
“Linda DeFruscio has written a comprehensive and enlightening must read primer for anyone who is beginning their transition from male to female or female to male. Courageous transgender women share obstacles they face as they embark on their journey’s to find new places in the world; while rediscovering themselves. As they share personal heartfelt stories, a thread of commonality shows the reader the importance of living your truth, loving yourself and teaching others the importance of tolerance and acceptance. Linda brilliantly peppers these incredible stories by sharing her perspective and relationships as their electrologist; while also educating her readers on what it means to be transgender. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!!"
~ Jeanette Renee
Mother of Jazz on Tuesdays on TLC "I Am Jazz"
Difficult Decisions
"Transgender Profiles is an in depth reveal of the transgender world. Linda DeFruscio pulls back the curtain and allows us to witness the difficult decision making process that patients from all walks of life have chosen to go through. The book makes it clear that from a very early age these patients were struggling with the concept of their gender identity. This gender dysphoria is hard wired and has a biologic origin. This is not a choice, but must be done at any cost. As a Physician in this field, the book is a very accurate description of the struggles, failures, and successes within the transgender community. This book will help the reader better understand the transgender community and hopefully lead to a greater degree of tolerance and acceptance."
~ Joseph A. Russo, M.D.
Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center
Portrait Of The Transgender Experience
"Linda DeFruscio has drawn on her decades of experience providing the most intimate and protracted clinical procedures to paint a vivid and unique portrait of the transgender experience."
~ C.R. Lindley, M.D.
Neurology & Psychiatry
Learn From This Book
“Linda DeFruscio and her colleagues have been helping trans people for quite a while-- and there are more of us on the way. This clear, helpful collection tells many of our stories in the irreplaceable and accessible form of brief oral histories; it's also got information about the medical and skin-related services that we may need, that some of us don't understand, and that she both understands and provides. A lot of people will learn a lot from this book.”
~ Stephanie Burt, PhD
Professor of English, Harvard University
Linda Is A Good Friend To Transgender People
“Linda DeFruscio is a treasure of so much oral history, which has been shared by so many people on so many journeys, whom she befriended over the past decades. People have come and gone, yet Linda has maintained friendships over time. So many in the gender variant community lack these consistent friendships. She has been there for so many, yet asks nothing for her friendship, except that the same is offered in return. Many, but not all, offer this, but nonetheless, Linda still is there for each new person that comes her way. The language of what we call ourselves is changing faster than any of us can keep up with. The labels of whether we are transgender, transsexual, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, non-binary or whatever new name or label will evolve in the next day or week or year, matters greatly to each individual but can be confusing to others. Linda has never been caught up in the labels, but has built friendships with the people. Yes...the more things change, the more they stay the same. Each of us needs to share our story. That is a constant. Linda has been and still is a treasure, and as you read the following stories, I am certain you will understand why I say this."
~ Grace Anne Stevens, Author, Speaker and Trainer
“No! Maybe? Yes! Living My Truth" "Musings on Living Authentically" "Handbooks for Humans”
I Love The Stories In This Book
"The people profiled are young, old(er) and in between, and while their experiences all have points in common, each one is also unique. This book is a great read for people who genuinely want to get to know their trans brothers and sisters. You have to be one miserable person to read it and not find your heart opening to what each individual goes through to close the gap between who she/he appeared to be and who she/he knew to be her/his authentic self. And the book is inspirational! Even if you have no gender issues yourself, you have probably experienced a gap that makes you feel less than authentic. Maybe you were always lacking confidence and therefore shy but always wanted to be the person up at the podium. Maybe you were always fearful but know at heart that you were born to be adventurous. The point is, there is a lot to learn here, because the desire to become more authentic is something we can all relate to. In addition to the profiles, the author tells her own story about how she came to know so many people in the transgender community. She also shares the wealth of knowledge she has gained over the years working with people in the trans community. It's all fascinating stuff. And kudos to the author for getting this book out into the world in these times when so many trans people are being persecuted in some way."
~ Joan Schweighardt
Occasionally, I Like To Challenge Myself By Reading Something I Wouldn’t Normally Pick Up
"When I saw this book, I realized I knew nothing about the transgender experience. The book gave me a window into the anguish people experience when their bodies don’t fit with who they are inside. Everyone profiled in the book talked about how, as children, they felt a disconnect with their outward gender. As hard as they tried to squash that feeling, it persisted into adulthood until, eventually, they had to do something about it. I was also stunned to learn what these people are willing to endure physically--through surgery, electrolysis, and laser treatments—as well as financially. Books like Transgender Profiles will be a comfort to others confused about their true gender identity. It also delivers practical information about some of the financial and emotional costs associated with making a gender change. The book expanded my understanding of the transgender experience. I'm glad I read it."
~ Kate Early
I Enjoyed This Informative and Educational Book
"Highly recommend it and it is a quick read. I could not put it down. Good for the expert and layman."
~ Richard Neyman
It Was Great To Read Some Of The Stories, Most Especially Those Of Friends
"The stories were very compelling."
~ Emma
Linda Is A Wonderful Ally and Advocate For The Trans Community In The Boston Area
"She has transformed countless lives with her expertise in the field of hair removal and skin care, which is a vital part of many male-to-female transitions. I found her book at the Boston Public Library at Copley, where it is available for anyone that wants to read it and learn more about transgender people. It is filled with real stories about the journeys of trans women and also has factual information that provides a great overview of the trans experience. It is a great new addition to the growing number of books about trans women's transformations - and is highly recommended for anyone in the community!"
~ Juliana
Beautiful and Uplifting
"I want to commend and thank you for your beautiful and uplifting Transgender Profiles. You manage to treat a very technical as well as politically/emotionally-charged subject area with sensitivity and grace. The accounts showed both the triumphs and disappointments, and the enormous personal and financial costs that these courageous people have gone through. My own story contains some pieces of many of those life stories of the individuals that you profiled, as well as some additional circumstances, since everyone has a unique story, which you point out. It has taken me many years to admit to myself what I needed to do, and I am finally coming to terms with my true identity. Thank you for again for being an advocate for the trans community, and for using your talents to make the world a much better place."
~ R. Schlesinger
Attorney, NY

Testimonials For Laser

“I have been a client at A&A for several years. Linda and her staff have always been very professional, and their work is top-notch. They are welcoming, thorough and care genuinely about your well-being and satisfaction with their work. I would highly recommend their services, without reservation.”
~ Jason S.
“I love the results, especially not having to shave my legs and underarms ever again or get a bikini wax. It is, by far, the best thing I have done for myself.”
~ Sue C.
“Linda is the absolute best in the business! Super knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable!!”
~ Coco G.
"I have been a client at A and A for several years. Linda and her staff have always been very professional, and their work is top-notch. They are welcoming, thorough, and care genuinely about your well-being and satisfaction with their work. I would highly recommend their services, without reservation."
~ Andrew S.
“This was the least painful-by a long shot- laser hair removal that I have every experienced, and I have had a good deal done. The machine is fundamentally different, seeming to cool as it goes, and the results are great. Linda is kind, friendly, and highly competent and professional, ad her prices are very reasonable."
~ Amy S.
"Linda, the owner, performed 2 underarm hair removal treatments, I had from A&A. She is great, and I highly recommend her. She is informative and knowledgeable and her facilities are very clean. The treatments were more effective than other treatments I've received at different laser hair removal businesses."
~ Kristen C.
"Linda is truly one of the most compassionate and helpful people I know. She is ALWAYS willing to share her deep wisdom, valuable tips and expert advice with me. She will definitely make you feel totally and completely at ease. From the very beginning, it felt as if I had known her forever. She's incredibly down-to-earth, funny, gentle and always a professional. I have been on this journey for almost a year now come next month and it's so cool to keep learning new things about this process. I thank Linda from my heart of hearts for her passion, dedication to helping others and her stellar professionalism. If I could give her 100 stars I certainly would - I love you, Linda and I appreciate you immensely!!"
~ Omi O.
"Highly recommend A&A for your hair removal needs. Linda is an experienced professional and so knowledgeable about the process, equipment, what to expect, and most importantly making sure her customers are satisfied. She is very discreet and puts the client at ease. Prices are very reasonable."
~ Dawn S.
"In my experience, this is far and away the best place to get laser or electrolysis in the greater Boston area. Linda is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and skillful, but she also has a kind and relaxing bedside manner. I love to know the technical details of the treatment, and she's willing to explain the reasoning and science behind her technique. She treats her LGBTQ clients graciously and compassionately. I feel so comfortable receiving treatment here, and the results have been great - I won't go anywhere else!"
~ Kit R.
“Linda is wonderful. I've had 6 treatments and am so happy with the results. I will definitely go back to A&A for future laser treatments. I was also shocked that it is nearly pain-free and quick!”
~ Alison R.
"I started going here in October and I am so happy I chose A&A Laser. Linda is the sweetest person ever! She always makes sure you are happy with your results! I highly recommend!!"
~ Julia G.