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Cornered: Dr. Richard J. Sharpe As I Knew Him

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In the year 2000, Linda DeFruscio was forced to make an unthinkable decision. Someone whose genius she admired immensely, a business associate and dear friend, committed a terrible crime.

In response, she could cut off their friendship and avoid the risk of losing friends, clients and her own peace of mind-or, she could trust her gut and try to save some aspect of her friend’s humanity. A real life thriller memoir!

There is a post-script to this story!!!


"I bought this book because I like a good “true crime” now and then, but that’s not what I got. Or, I did get the true crime I was hankering after, but I got a heck of a lot more as a bonus. I remember the story of Richard Sharpe. The media had a hay day with the fact that Sharpe was a known cross-dresser. They seemed to want to connect the murder he committed to his inclination to dress. I remember thinking that was just plain wrong. DeFruscio, who is the electrologist of preference for many crossdressing and transgendered people, really brings that home too. Which is not to say that she advocates that we should all like Sharpe. That’s not her purpose at all. In fact, it’s clear that she didn’t always like him herself. There were lots of times she didn’t take his calls for weeks on end and didn’t visit him for months on end—because he was downright exhausting. He was truly a genius whose mind never turned off, but he was also truly mentally ill. I’m not sure whether his mental illness was a result of childhood abuse or genetics or something else, but getting into his head, via the author, was incredibly interesting—and often very scary. Luckily the reader gets into DeFruscio’s head too, and that is not a bad place to spend time. She is quirky sometimes in her thinking but she is also generous, funny, vulnerable, unassuming and highly observant. To read Cornered is to understand how she came to offer Sharpe her support when others turned their back on him. This is a fascinating book and I highly recommend it."
~ Michael Dooley
Great book!!!!!!!! February 1, 2015
"Linda DeFruscio is one of the most compassionate, motivated, and successful professionals I have ever met. In her memoir, “Cornered,” she teaches us so many valuable lessons; the importance of loving one another, never looking back, and believing in oneself, to name a few. Her tremendous quality of character stems from her childhood and was undoubtedly a factor in her monumental decision as to whether or not she would remain friends with Dr. Richard Sharpe. “Cornered” is an exceptionally written work. If you are looking to read a book that will put you at the edge of your seat, look no more!"
~ Andrew J. Safioleas, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
An incredible read! May 5, 2015 Inpatient Pharmacist and FRSO Violinist
"One of the best non-fictions books I’ve ever read! Dr. Sharpe was the Bruce Jenner of his day in New England. For anyone who has questions about how cross-dressers live, work and have families this is the book for you. Not only that, it gives an incredible perspective how the prison system really works. Dr. Sharpe did so much to improve the medical community and his story is anything but typical. The author’s insight and the struggles to find the truth is truly inspirational. If more people knew this story, our world would be less discriminatory. Well-written. Must-read!"
~ Carla Manganaro
Best Story behind Bruce Jenner’s this year! May 1, 2015
“Cornered” by Linda DeFruscio is a labor of love and an excellent read. Linda generously brings us into her life and allows us to get to know an obviously tortured man without judgment. This documentation, in her words, is a real gift to Richards children–not to mention the reader! The author thoughtfully chronicles her life and her relationship with Dr. Richard Sharpe in such and intelligent yet entertaining manner. I could not put the book down. A very compelling story, one that I would pick up again and again."
~ Jodi Raphael
“Cornered” by Linda DeFruscio is a labor of love and an excellent read January 18, 2015
“The mistakes and dysfunctions of the adults surrounding Linda DeFruscio in her youth paved the way for the inordinate compassion she displays as an adult. While her story uncovers much about the nature of mental illness, it also reveals the power of tolerance, mercy and love.”
~ Joan Heartwell
author of the memoir Hamster Island
“ . . .Cornered is an impossible-to-put-down psycho-thriller and one of the best books I have read.”
~ Joseph A. Russo, M.D.
Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center