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Love Tails From the Wall

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In this lively, spirited book, dogs and their owners celebrate life—and one another—at a particular low wall in their neighborhood. The owners of the house behind the wall don’t have dogs themselves, but their goodwill is the catalyst for all that follows, and the dogs appreciate it as much as the people do. This heartwarming story tugs at the hearts of all who will enjoy reading it.


"Love Tails From the Wall" is a refreshing and heartwarming story that promotes kindness and appreciation for others in our lives. Linda and Greg remind us of the special power that dogs have in helping to establish bonds with others, as well as their natural ability to create a sense of welcome and relief. Core elements of happiness and excitement are wonderfully illustrated by artist Wendy Marelli. "Love Tails From the Wall" is a fun and inspiring read for everyone!
~ Andrew J. Safioleas, Pharm.D., M.B.A.
Author, Composer, Educator, Musician, and Pharmacist